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Welcome to the modules on designing, implementing and analyzing assessment in the classroom, part of a series of online courses supporting the Preparing Future Faculty track in UNCG’s and NC A&T’sĀ Preparing Future Leaders program. The modules have been designed with graduate students and new faculty in mind.

Within each module you will find links to further resources you may want to look into more. We also provide “Key Takeaways” for each module that sums up the main concepts for each module that you can print out and refer to as a guide when planning your own course assessments.

You will be prompted at the end of each module to completeĀ a brief “exam” covering the ideas and methods introduced. You will receive an email with your results to the email address you provide upon registration.

If you are in the PFL program and are completing this series of modules for credit, please be sure you have taken the Assessment Attitudinal Survey and the Assessment Pre-Test before proceeding with the modules. We use anonymous data from these for research purposes and for assessing the effectiveness of the modules for meeting our learning objectives.

Click here to take the Attitudinal Survey.

Click here to take the Assessment Pre-Test.